When I made the cut for the inaugural Hot Copy Mastermind program, I expected to get:

  • An industrial-strength bum kicking about my less than perfect  business processes followed by a sound reboot
  • A swathe of marketing smarts to help me attract new local clients

What I got was a complete rebrand. Au revoir 4Words Copywriting, Salut The Wrinkly Writer

In hindsight, I should’ve known. Sign up for anything run by Kate Toon and Belinda Weaver, and shift will happen.

Shift happened

I didn’t invent The Wrinkly Writer. She’s a gift from Kate, delivered with the disclaimer, that I could be ‘profoundly offended.’ I wasn’t because, with typical Toon precision, she’d nailed me.

I am The Wrinkly Writer,  ‘bien dans ma peau’ – comfortable in my wrinkly skin and with my quirky self. Equipped with oodles of experience, I’ve written every imaginable form of copy since before the Internet was a thing.

Merci to six super mothers of reinvention

Kudos to Kate for kick-starting a brand evolution reflecting precisely who I am and setting me apart in the crowded copywriting marketplace. Un grand merci also to these other lovely mothers of reinvention who helped put digital flesh on the wrinkly writer’s bones.

Quiet achiever and gem, Jules Rick, at Web and Print Hub, designed and built this spot-on website.

Anna Rogan copywriter for awesome people did a fab, forensic edit of the copy.

Sue Waterson at Max Gecko Design designed stylish, kooky Instagram templates.

Audrey Guillou artisan photographe de Questembert captured the wrinkly writing spirit in the merry website images. Chapeau encore Audrey!

Sylvie Stachowski owner of La Tomate Épicée, Questembert’s stylish salon de thé, and co-working space, gave us the perfect photoshoot location. Merci Sylvie pour ta gentillesse et ta générosité.

I am grateful beyond words to work with people who always give me more than I bargained for.

Who sparked and supported your brand evolution?