How I Work

How I work

We start with a free discovery call  by Skype or Zoom. If we’re a good fit, here’s what happens next.


Kicking things off

Discovery Call

We start with a free discovery call to discuss your project and find out if we’re a good fit.

We can chat on Skype or Zoom.

Before we talk I’ll send you this project brief.
You don’t need to complete it in advance but thinking about the questions will help us define your project.

Project Brief

You return your completed project brief.

Give me a yell if you’d like to discuss any of the sections before you send it.

Project Proposal

Project Proposal

I send a detailed proposal. If you’re happy to go ahead, sign and return it. 

If you have questions, please get in touch.

First Invoice

First Invoice

You pay 50% of the project fee.

Your project is all booked in.

The copywriting process

Skeleton Draft

Skeleton Draft

I send you a skeleton draft, based on your brief. It’s a rough draft with headings, structure and bullet points.

So, you get an early review of the:

  • tone – does it sound right?
  • accuracy – have we covered everything?

You can approve the skeleton draft by email or let me know if we need to tweak it. 

First Amends

First Draft and Review

I fill out the bones of the skeleton draft into a real life flesh and blood (or, erm, word document) first draft.

 You can use the track changes tool in MS Word to make comments and give feedback. 

Most clients find it fast and easy to make the changes together, via Skype or Zoom.

Second Draft

Second Draft and Review

I use your feedback to write a second draft.  

I send it to you to make sure you’re happy and add any final tweaks.

We can chat through and confirm the final changes.


Sign Off and Celebrate

You receive your final draft, a sign off document and an invoice for the remaining 50% project fee. If you’re happy to give me a testimonial, that will be grand.

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