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Does your website work as hard as you do?

You’ve invested your all in building a brilliant business. You deserve a website that expresses that, heart and soul.

Your customers are growing curiouser and savvier (but also less patient) by the moment. Your website has to keep up.

If you’ve got a hunch that your website isn’t pulling its weight. Or a heap of Google analytics that tell you for sure that your site is falling down on the job, I can help.

Mary analysed, edited and expanded our website copy in a timely and creative manner. She is an amazing and highly experienced copywriter who is friendly, and easy to work with. She also really understands today’s competitive marketing environment.’

Dr Ned Zahran, Director,
Capel Medical Clinic

Pascoes AA

Cracking SEO website copywriting packages

Get spot on copy that converts curious readers into contented customers. Meet 3 website copywriting packages called Judy. They help give your business the class, charisma and staying power of their stellar namesakes, Garland, Davis and Dench.

Pascoes AA

Kit and caboodle website packages

 Design, development, copywriting AND project management for your website. Yep, hand the whole lot over and let the ‘A’ team of two create your winning website. And save you loads of everything – time, money, brain space.

Could your blogs, brochures and business docs do with a dose of oomph?

If your blogs are scooping up shares and boosting your brand, bravo to you!
Maybe you’ve got old content languishing on an unloved blog page, getting zero attention – from you or your customers.
I’ll edit and repurpose the stuff worth saving AND write fresh, brand-spanking new, SEO-friendly content to attract the attention you deserve.

If your brochures are bringing in the business, hats off to you.
More likely they’re dying on a dusty shelf, waiting for updates that will never come.
I’ll perk them up with some perfectly precise copy to revive their fortunes (and yours).

Congrats, if loads of keen beans open your sales emails and newsletters and a fair few follow up.
If your hit rates are woeful, my honest, astute sales copy helps you swap abysmal for irresistible.

‘If you’re looking for a copywriter who spends the time getting to know you then come up with words that are true to your voice and brand, then Mary’s your person.

 Mary is fun to work with, super responsive, and totally professional.  Now she’s also part of our extended working family. Seeing her lovely words come alive in our projects is exciting for everyone.’

Kristy Plumridge, Green Hills Farm

Wish you had talent on tap to tackle urgent copy jobs?

Book my brain and keep 10 hours of on tap copywriting up your sleeve. You’re covered whenever you need whip-smart words for small, urgent jobs.

Perfect for out-of-the-blue opportunities to market your business with presentations, press articles, or contributions to community events.

‘Marvellous Mary Cameron whips my blog drafts into super shape. And her pithy, witty newsletter edits are a delight to read.’ 

Laura Higgins, Creative Director, The Inspired Hive


How I work

We start with a free discovery call  by Skype or Zoom. If we’re a good fit, here’s what happens next.


Kicking things off

Discovery Call

We start with a free discovery call to discuss your project and find out if we’re a good fit.

We can chat on Skype or Zoom.

Before we talk I’ll send you this project brief.
You don’t need to complete it in advance but thinking about the questions will help us define your project.

Project Brief

You return your completed project brief.

Give me a yell if you’d like to discuss any of the sections before you send it.

Project Proposal

Project Proposal

I send a detailed proposal. If you’re happy to go ahead, sign and return it. 

If you have questions, please get in touch.

First Invoice

First Invoice

You pay 50% of the project fee.

Your project is all booked in.

The copywriting process

Skeleton Draft

Skeleton Draft

I send you a skeleton draft, based on your brief. It’s a rough draft with headings, structure and bullet points.

So, you get an early review of the:

  • tone – does it sound right?
  • accuracy – have we covered everything?

You can approve the skeleton draft by email or let me know if we need to tweak it. 

First Amends

First Draft and Review

I fill out the bones of the skeleton draft into a real life flesh and blood (or, erm, word document) first draft.

 You can use the track changes tool in MS Word to make comments and give feedback. 

Most clients find it fast and easy to make the changes together, via Skype or Zoom.

Second Draft

Second Draft and Review

I use your feedback to write a second draft.  

I send it to you to make sure you’re happy and add any final tweaks.

We can chat through and confirm the final changes.


Sign Off and Celebrate

You receive your final draft, a sign off document and an invoice for the remaining 50% project fee. If you’re happy to give me a testimonial, that will be grand.

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