Editing and proofreading

Could you be clearer?

Edit and proofread your own work, and you’re sure to miss grammar glitches and typos hiding in plain sight.

Fresh eyes will find the pesky errors you don’t see. In your head, the message is clear, convincing, and correct. So, that’s how you read it.

Copy editing that kills errors and keeps your voice

I give you a polished version of your original. I replace unwieldy words with stronger, simpler ones. I’ll trim too long sentences and pick up rogue punctuation.

If I think your work needs a serious overhaul, I’ll tell you why and how.

Skilful editing:

  • spells death to errors that distract readers and damage your credibility
  • protects your message and promotes your personality

I charge $125 per hour for fast, accurate copyediting and proofreading.

Want your words to sound like you, only better? Send me a sample, and I’ll send you a quote.

‘I often work with Mary and she absolutely keeps her promises: her copyedited and proofread documents sound exactly like a better version of me!

My non-native English content can be challenging, not only grammatically. I write articles and blogs on digital marketing and technology related topics and Mary has a sound understanding of my subject area. Her feedback is always constructive, accurate and appropriate.

I’m glad I found her, and I couldn’t recommend her more!’

Laura Mattiucci, Copywriter and blogger, laura rédige

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