Talent on tap

Talent on tap

Have 10 hours of rapid response copywriting up your sleeve.

Get whip-smart words for small, urgent jobs that will just give you grief until they’re done and dusted. Take them off your to-do list and hand them to an expert. I’ll sort them in 48 hours max.

Good for:

  • Polishing an upcoming presentation
  • Drafting an awkward email
  • Zapping up zany tag lines or new product descriptions
  • Responding to random requests for articles, biogs, blogs, or brochures
  • Editing a webpage update

Talent on tap is also fab for regular editing jobs on drafts that need small, stylish polish ups.


How it works

  1. We jump on a free 30 minute chat so I can get my head around your brand and you can get yours around the Talent on tap briefing process
  2. If we’re a good fit and you’re peachy keen I’ll invoice you for 70% of the full 10 hours up front
  3. When you have a job, fill in the brief and flick it over. If we need to, we’ll book in a brief chat so I can get a handle on your audience and goals
  4. 48 hours later you’ll get brand spanking copy and peace of mind
  5. I’ll keep you in the loop when we hit 5 and 8 hours. Once the full 10 have been used I’ll send you an invoice for the final 30%
The Wrinkly Writer

What can we get done in 10 hours?

It depends! Some people save their hours for urgent, out-of-the-blue jobs. Others use the time to spruce up drafts for scheduled blogs and social media posts.

Here are a few examples of how happy clients have used their 10 hours:

Classy conference materials:

  • Print advertising for the conference handbook
  • Tag lines for show bag items
  • A new product release article for an online industry journal
  • A conference blog

Three months of kick starter blog and newsletter help:

  • Additional research and first drafts of 3 x 800-word articles
  • Compiling newsletter content and drafting accompanying emails
  • Proofing and editing the final drafts

Launching a brand refresh and raising community profile:

  • 16 key messages for 4 client groups plus guidelines for using them effectively
  • 4 email templates for promoting services to core client groups
  • 4 x 300 case studies celebrating employment success for people with disabilities

‘Working with Mary is a pleasure. She found my voice in an instant, and her copy captures precisely what my niche consultancy offers.

The result of her work? A confident new business owner, fresh, original website copy, and impeccably edited project proposals and LinkedIn posts. Naturally, our collaboration continues.’

Niall Flynn

Founder and Principal, Consider-it

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